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We believe that good health is a blessing and a responsibility that can be nurtured through wise choices and great actions.  We provide chiropractic health care, massage therapy and other natural treatments to support you in body, mind and spirit.

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Holistic Skin Clinics

Do you have unsightly or potentially dangerous skin lesions (skin tags, moles, birth marks, etc.)?  You are in luck, because Dr. Frieder is now offering gentle, effective, non-medical skin lesion removal during designated “Skin Clinics,” in Ashland and Portland.  To sign up for the next Skin Clinic or to learn more, click on the link below or contact the skin clinic coordinator Robyn Fountain @ 503-756-0160.

The next Ashland Skin Clinic is Dec. 7th from 9am-12pm.  

Schedule your Ashland skin clinic appointment here: